Teach Your Children How To Be A Good Friend

Hi guys!

It happened today, I went to see my uncle for a visit at his place. My cousin was there too. She has a 5 year old daughter. As always, my daughter, Yaya was so excited to meet a new friend. And she started to say hello. The girl replied without smile. Mmm…

They started to play. Since there had no toys, Yaya was thinking about sitting on the couch and have a good conversation. She started with “How are you doing?”. And suddenly, the girl pushed Yaya’s back with a smile. Mmm… Yaya’s lips almost hit the table in front of them. So, Yaya told her not to do that. The girl just smiled without any words. FYI, Yaya is just 3 and a half years old! Mmm…

Me and her mother were there looking at them. I looked at her mother and the mother just smiled, without saying anything like her daughter already shown a very good example. I was so confuse! So, since the mother just kept quiet there, I said to that girl, “Please, do not do that. If you want to play, please play nicely”. The girl looked so confuse.

In this kind of situation, why can’t the mother say something to her daughter. Because that is not the right way to play or to be friends. I normally do not get involve with my daughter’s social life. But I do keep on eyes on her. If she has done something or treat someone or say something not right, I will pull her to the side gently, use a normal tone of voice and explain to her why she shouldn’t do that right away.

They are small children. They are innocent. There are certain things that they forget easily. That is why I explain to my daughter right away. I don’t wait until we get back home because by that time, she already forgot. And I always remind my daughter to use beautiful words to everybody. Regardless their ages. From babies to elderlies. If you do not have anything nice to say, just keep quiet.

In another situation, it happened at the play land. Yaya loves to play casia seeds at the playground. They put some tools that you can dig the casia seeds. You can just use them. Since we came early and not many kids are coming in yet, Yaya got 4 tools to play. And suddenly, there was one boy came and sat in front of her. So, she handed him 2 tools and said “Here you go. Let’s play! Dig dig dig!”.

They were happily played together until 2 girls came and took all the tools and put them at one corner and not allow anyone to take it. FYI, the girls are 2 years older than Yaya. They came with their fathers and both fathers are busy with the mobile phone. They did not even bother about their children’s behaviour towards anyone else. I just don’t understand what did they learnt about being friends from their parents? It is very disappointed!

My daughter is not perfect, but at least I try my best to shape her to be a better daughter, a better girl, a better friend, a better person. Please, parents…watch your children’s behaviour while they play with their friends. This can avoid bully issues as well. Correct them young. We can do this together for a peaceful living for our children. ❤


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